How to Get Lush Lashes for Your Wedding Day

Want longer lashes? Thicker? Au naturel? Here's everything you need to know about eye-opening beauty solutions.

Nothing looks more glamorous in photos-or in person for that matter-than dramatic, fluttery lashes. Whether you have shorter lashes or you just want your eyes to really pop on film, we've got the tips and tricks to help you get a wink that wows.


Synthetic lashes are glued to your lash line (or attached tiny magnets, if you're super high tech) in a solid strip, or added directly to your lashes in individual clusters. Keep in mind the individual style is the better choice for a bride, since they're less likely to fall out. Strips don't mix well tears and could slip off when wet. If you do have a lash malfunction on your wedding day, missing some clusters is way less noticeable than a whole strip.

Eyelash Extensions

A trained technician glues individual extensions to your natural lashes to lengthen and plump them. Extensions are usually made from mink (either real or a faux silk blend), nylon or polyester. To get a more realistic look, consider splurging on mink-it's softer and appears more natural. Schedule an appointment a few days before your wedding so you have time to get used to the feel of fuller lashes.

Growth Serum

The active ingredient in most serums is bimatoprost. It was originally in a prescription drop that's long been prescribed for glaucoma, but when eye doctors realized their patients all had significantly fuller, longer lashes, it was quickly repackaged with a fancy new name-Latisse, the only brand that's FDA approved. Most nonprescription alternatives (like GrandeLASH-MD and RevitaLash) contain similar ingredients, with differing levels of concentration. As a general rule, the less expensive the growth serum, the less effective it is.