4 Artist Suggested Nail Trends for 2017

4 Artist-Suggested Nail Trends for 2017

As your sparkling manicure of the New Year Eve has started to fade away, just like the memories of that night, it is the time to look for new nail trends to try in the new year. Acrylic artist, Naomi Yasuda, offers some nail art suggestions to create the most loved nail looks of 2017.

Chrome Nails

According to Yasuda, the popularity of chrome nails would grow in the coming year. This style would, though, need some special manicure skills. Follow these instructions to execute this art.

1. Make your base gel coat and then color gel coat and cure.

2. You can use a non-wipe gel for topcoat, and cure.

3. After curing the topcoat, dust some chrome powder using a makeup sponge.

4. Create topcoat your hard gel and allow setting.

Simple Geometry

Abstract graphics are classic and you can add the bonus of irregularity for a new trend. This style suits even the shaky hands. Yasuda recommends limiting the colors to four to keep things clean and simple.

1. Apply base coat and base color.

2. With the help of a skinny nail art brush, draw your freehand. Use easy Scotch tap cheat to achieve clean edges.

3. Finish the look clear topcoat.

Simple Geometry

Though French mani gives a timeless, classic look, white tips is not a rule. You can choose from endless design options but here is an all-time favorite minimal look worth trying.

1. Make a base coat with your clear polish

2. Make a bold line below the tip and allow it to dry.

3. Use white polish to fill up remaining part of the tip.

Foiled Tips

Yasuda says she loves foil-fading nails and they are perfect for any season. She recommends shopping for foil from an art supply store.

1. Apply the base coat and let it dry.

2. Apply small clear polish on the tip of the nails.

3. Slowly put the shredded foil on the entire area, heavier along the edge for a nice gradient.

4. Once dried, seal the look with topcoat.